Welcome to Risen Grace Ministries, Singapore.

A lively, independent charismatic church located in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.RGM is founded on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour with the ultimate desire of showing Jesus Christ's love.Within our church are stunning happenings where lives are being changed , people are healed, delivered from demonic oppression and encouraged in their faith. A vibrant Church with ministries for all ages, We trust that you will find in our spectrum of ministries,Guiding you to the love and matchless grace of Jesus Christ. Watch the videos of some of the supernatural happenings on our Website.

Rev. Augustine Babu is the founder and Senior Pastor of Risen Grace Ministries that was established in 2004. He holds a Masters degree in Arts. Obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit.

My name is Fransis Babu, My wife was working in Singapore, we were praying that I should get a good job in Singapore so that we will be together .when I came to Singapore…

RGM family is committed to telling people of the wonderful love of God, learning the ways of God, worshiping and fellow shipping together and serving those in need.

Daily Devotion

Ps.augustine babu.

Sometimes we tend to focus on God’s judgments and forget his INCREDIBLE MERCY.

Yet look at what God says about his vast, vast mercy in Exodus 20:5-6
But showing mercy and steadfast love to a thousand generations of those who love Me and keep My commandments.Exodus 20:5-6 AMP

God’s mercy is unbelievably vast!

Incredible! God pours out his steadfast love on a thousand generations of those who love him. There’s no comparison! God’s mercy is VAST.

This encourages me so much. God is unbelievably long-suffering and patient. Again and again and again HE doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve. In HIS mercy HE gives those who hate him opportunity after opportunity to repent before bringing judgment.
God so longed to show us mercy HE sent HIS only Son that whoever believes in HIM would have eternal life. And he pours out HIS mercy on a thousand generations of those HE saves, who now love him.

So pray in faith and with great hope for your loved ones, children and grandchildren. Pray that God would show HIS mercy to a thousand generations and save every one of your descendants till HE returns. Ask him to save your brothers and sisters and friends and relatives. God wants to sweep thousands and thousands into his arms and into his kingdom.
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