“God” Keeps Our Salvation

5. “God” Keeps Our Salvation – Throughout the Bible Jesus is called the Saviour [45.2]. Hebrews 7:25 says he saves to the uttermost, or he COMPLETELY saves. Eternal security is not a separate doctrine from salvation; if we are not saved forever then we were never saved at all because Christ saves us from ALL of our sins when we get saved (see #3); and gives us ETERNAL, EVERLASTING life (see #1). Christ came to save [46]. Once we are saved it is God’s responsibility, not ours, to keep our salvation, because we never could. Just as a believer can never save himself, he can never keep himself. We are kept “by the power of God” [47], not our power, and “HE is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against THAT DAY” [48]. When we are born again God begins a work in us that He will perform until the day of Jesus Christ [49]. Jude 24 says that Christ, not us, will KEEP us from falling and present us faultless to God. We are confirmed unto the end [50]. Christ is the “author and finisher of our faith” [51]. “Whatever God does, it will be forever and nothing can be put to it or taken from it” [52]; and that includes our salvation, AMEN!

The security of our soul depends on Christ’s righteousness, not our own [53] (see #4). If sinning in any way could cause one to lose his salvation, then Paul would have lost his, because AFTER he was saved he said he was the chief of sinners [54]. We get saved by God’s grace [55], not by what we do [56], and our salvation remains by God’s grace, not according to what WE do; we will be saved from wrath THROUGH him [57].

If we can do something to lose our salvation then God failed and our salvation was not only dependent upon God’s grace, but also upon our behaviour – which is works! (Doing works in the Lord’s name is not definite evidence of salvation, we must KNOW him as our personal saviour [58], see #8.) Salvation is a gift, not a wage [59]; it is obtained, not attained [60]. It never was deserved and never will be. If our safety is dependent upon our works then we are really saved by our works and must earn our salvation, which is a direct violation of Scripture and the truth of salvation by God’s grace ONLY [61].

A person who believes that he must work to keep his salvation, instead of work because he HAS salvation, needs to make sure he is ONLY trusting the Saviour Jesus Christ to take him to heaven and not Jesus Christ plus his good works; he needs to understand how to be saved and what salvation really is [62].

6. Jesus is Faithful – Not only are we kept by God’s power but we CANNOT come into condemnation [63]; we are NOT condemned [64]. Our intercessor is Jesus Christ [65] and he pleads our case when we are saved; that is why we can never be condemned again with the penalty of our already forgiven sins, or else Christ’s intercession is not sufficient. If we lose our salvation we are condemned again and the Scriptures [66] are not true! Once we are saved and given to Christ [67] we cannot be lost again because John 6:39 says that of all that God gives Christ, Christ will lose nothing (and we are something).

We will NEVER die [68] but will live forever [69] (see #1). Christ will IN NO WISE (under ANY circumstances) cast out any that come to him [70]. All that get saved will NEVER perish [71] (never means NEVER). Christ will NEVER leave us or forsake us [72]. NOTHING (including ourselves) can separate us from the love of God IN Christ [73], and all believers are IN Christ (see #4).