Dear heavenly father, in the name of Jesus I ask u to forgive all my sins, especially those that have allowed any form of sickness or disease to enter my body and harm my health. Dear Lord Jesus forgive me from all my sins, especially for my unknown and hidden sins. I’m heartily sorry for having offended you.
I ask for forgiveness for all times I fail to make you Lord over my life. Please forgive me for not honoring my father and mother and for not loving you with my whole heart, body and soul and spirit, for not loving my neighbor myself and for disrespecting the temper of your Holy Spirit. Please forgive me for not taking better care of my health, for eating unhealthy foods and poising my body with chemical, drugs, alcohol and other harmful substance or medication. Please forgive me for committing the sins of hypocrisy, intolerance, forgiveness, ungratefulness, disbelief, disruption, disobedience, envy, pride, fantasy, impatient, division, dissension, offending others, hard heartedness, hate, anger, rebellion, gambling, greed, jealousy, perfectionism, selfishness , self-centeredness, judgementalness, lust, rudeness, self pity, slander, worry, worldliness, addictions , complaining, gossiping , and all other forms of unrighteousness. Lord Jesus I ask you to forgive me for all my sins, trespass and transgressions and to cover all my openness with your most precious blood. Surround me with your mercy and grace. Let no area of darkness remain in me. In Jesus mighty name,