Depression and Mental Problem Healed

For the past 31 years, I was suffering from acute psychological problem and taking psychological medication .I am unable to explain the sorrows and suffering I was going through.I was experiencing Hell in this earth.I was not a Christian I do not know JESUS CHRIST, HIS LOVE or HIS HEALING POWER. One of my friends invited me to Risen Grace Ministries Healing Service. During the prayer time Pastor Augustine Babu prayed for all the sick, people called me to the front to Pray for me the Power of God touched me with great force,I was instantly healed from the mental sickness,I stopped taking all the psychological medication from the very day .Iam FREE in JESUS CHRIST.Thank You JESUS for healing me., I do not depend on medication anymore. Sister Priscilla Avravam- Singapore


My name is Fransis Babu,My wife was working in Singapore,we were praying that I should get a good job in Singapore so that we will be together .when I came to Singapore ,trusting only LORD JESUS CHRIST,I applied for a Job.even though there were some difficulties,My Lord performed a mighty miracle by giving me good job and to stay in Singapore with my wife.
I had back ache for several years.I attended the Risen Grace Ministries Healing Service. During the prayer time Pastor Augustine Babu prayed for all the sick people called me to the front to Pray for me He said JESUS CHRIST ALONE is the HEALER.I was very doubtful about the power of God, being a born CATHOLIC I do not believe in God’s healing Power and His Grace.God did not see my doubt but out of HIS immense GRACE and LOVE,He touched me ,My back pain disappeared,I was instantly healed .Thank God for performing two mighty miracles in my Life.Now Iam serving the Lord in RGM.Thank You JESUS CHRIST R.Fransis Babu – Singapore

Deliverance from sinful habits

I am working as a Lecturer in Computer Science in Singapore .I am a Roman Catholic , but I didn’t know Jesus Christ personally. I was introduced to RISEN GRACE MINISTRIES by one of my friends,Since March 2007, I am attending Risen Grace Ministries. I started realizing God’s Grace upon me ,when my Drinking and smoking habits left me without trace.I Thank God for setting me free.
Healing back Pain:
In September 2007 I experienced sharp pain on my lower back,I cannont stand for five minitues,bus travel was very painful .I could not tolerate as pain travelled all over my body.Doctors adviced me to consult surgeon as they suspected serious Back and SPINE RELATED PROBLEMS. I have decided to get a second opinion from a renowned hospital in India before agreeing for any kind of surgery.
During one of the HEALING SERVICES, I reluctantly asked Pastor AUGUSTINE BABU to pray for my back pain because my trust was more on the Doctors and Medicine than on the HEALING POWER of JESUS CHRIST. After Pastor AUGUSTINE BABU Prayed for the healing ,healing power of God has instantly healed me.I felt no pain when I took a bus home.I rejoiced and thanked LORD JESUS CHRIST for healing me.When I went to India in the month of Dec 07,my sister took me to a renowned hospital for a check up,the medical report showed that I have no problem with my back .All GLORY to JESUS CHRIST.
Healing wheezing
My son was suffering from wheezing problem for few years ,He cannot take cold weather ,neither drink or getting wet in cold water.He will struggle to breath and his suffering was unbearable.when I testified about my healing of my back problem.My wife called Pastor Augustine Babu over the phone to pray for my son.the HEALING POWER OF JESUS CHRIST touched my son,from that day he was completely healed.no more wheezing even when he plays ,swims in the water or if the weather is cold.I thank LORD JESUS CHRIST for healing my son. Cyril Anthoni.C.R – Singapore